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What are the most important supplies I need for my new boat?


When purchasing a new boat, some of the obvious supplies that you should have are things such as safety gear, which includes flotation devices, VHF radio, binoculars, maps, and a basic first aid kit. In case of an emergency, these are basic essentials you should always have on your boat. As for any other supplies you`ll need, this will depend on what you use your new boat for, and how often you will be going on the water in your new boat.

One thing you may want to consider getting, no matter how often you use your new boat, are``Sunshader`` shade poles. This will help block out the sun, making your time on the boat more comfortable. Another important item to think about having on your boat is a cooler(s). Coolers are great for keeping your contents cold no matter what the weather conditions are or the period of time they are stored. Now, if you are in the fishing business, there are a vast amount of supplies you want to think about having onboard. Fish Cleaning Stations will make your life easier, more organized and comfortable when prepping your baits. Towers and Upper Control Stations are great to have to see at a much greater distance, making your visibility better. Grab Handles come in handy since your boat is in a constant moving position out in the sea, making the possibilities of falling less.

Birdsall Marine Design has many supplies available for you and your new boat. Check out our website and browse through a number of articles that may interest you. Whatever it is you are looking for, Birdsall Marine Design offers quality marine accessories made to last.

What are the most important supplies I need for my new boat?

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