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Center console for boats in Florida
Center console for boats in Florida – What is a center console on a boat?
Looking for the best boats and boat accessories? Then you might want to consider a center console for boats in Florida. Before you consider why you should buy a center console on your boat, let us talk about what a "center console" is on a boat.

Center consoles on boats are defined by having a control station mounted on the console in the middle of the boat. Boats with a full cabin are not a center console, even if they have a center control station. Boats consoles in both sides are referred to as dual console boats.

What’s great about center console boats is that they’re just for about everyone: anglers who like going out to sea and fishing, a family who likes to be on the water, or a water sportsperson.

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The company was founded in 1979 by Bob Birdsall, and has grown over the years into a family business to include his son Bobby. This unique father and son duo has maintained an impeccable reputation in the marine industry.

Whether you come to our store or visit our online shop, you will be able to find center console units and console accessories to deck your vessel for your own convenience.

So come to Birdsall Marine Design today and sail away with your new center console for boats in Florida! Contact us to learn more.
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